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Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 Stanley Cup Finals

June 2, 2009
Attention Pittsburgh Penguins - did you all get into a fight before the first game? Whatever grudge is floating around your team, let it go. If your goalie can't connect the dots with his teammates in front of him, he's going to continue to lack the confidence necessary to do his part to stop an offensive force like Detroit.

more later...

June 4, 2009
Ok so it's later, Detroit won first 2 games and now Pittsburgh won game 3, seems they wore down Detroit and appeared more connected as a team although I'm not sold on the warm fuzzies yet. Focus yes, hyper-focus no and is counter productive...and IMO is the reason why Crosby is not scoring. Power play opportunities yielding goals and a healthy number of hits and blocked shots made it happen for the Penguins. No doubt the Wings will have something to say about it on Thursday night but will it be heard above the roar of the Pittsburgh crowd?

Been at my mom's for a bit revamping her landscaping, my sister and I are boneheads for wearing short sleeved shirts and now have poison ivy. You'd think we'd learn. Nah. Anyway a highlight of the finals has been my mom's commentary during the games - the woman cracks me up. Back to the city tomorrow and looking forward to being home and to watching game 4.

Happy June Everyone!

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