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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Preview to Game 6: An ___________ Never Forgets

My in depth analysis = Pens cannot allow Wings to screen Fleury and they HAVE to get to the puck first. As for Wings, screen Fleury and get to the puck first. : )~

No need to get more complicated, Wings have to keep doing what they are doing and Penguins have to correct the macro problems and the micro ones will blend right in. I continue to think the Pens are susceptible to hyper-focus which can cause someone to tire mentally & physically, well except when someone is trying to @#$&% fall asleep! It can be hard to get out of this mode...don't think about elephants for the next two days...an experiential...give it a try and if you do, remember...do not think about or visualize elephants for the next two days starting as soon as you read this sentence about not thinking about or visualizing elephants. The 'problem' with this experiential every time? Guess who is going to 'see' elephants for the next two days? Not that I don't love elephants...should have suggested a beach at sunset.

Penguins defense: Is it Flearer or Fleurier? (spin off of a childhood memory at Sterling Optical at the Mid-Island Plaza.) Seriously though I don't get what the D is doing out there. They seem blurry to me...that's the word that comes to mind anyway.

Penguins supposed frustration: It's understandable during the regular season but in the final round for the Stanley Cup, a team is not allowed to get frustrated (yeah because I say so). To look back and realize your team lost not because the roster didn't have the skill or desire but because of frustration...well that kind of hindsight can haunt because 'you' know you could have thought better. Look at Columbus, no one can look back and say they did not play their hardest with a never say die mindset the entire series. Now that's a clean slate to start next season with worthy of envy.

Coach Bylsma's post-game 5 interview was FABULOUS! I probably could recite his words by now thanks to the NHL network's ability to play they same coverage OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN... Programming that is in need of Hockey Gods intervention.

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