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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Game 7 Preview: Pittsburgh At Detroit... The Final Showdown

We all know what is at stake here, even if you don't follow either of these teams regularly. If you watch hockey, and you saw last year's Finals, you can see just how important this series- this final game- is to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Last year, the Penguins made a remarkable run that ended in five games in the Stanley Cup Finals, with the Detroit Red Wings skating all over their ice lifting the Cup in triumph. There was no way around it- the more experienced, more composed team with the better system has trounced the youthful, energetic squad with plenty of raw talent but no real veteran presence to temper it. And their youth had showed, as they struggled consistently against them in every game but one.

Now, it's one year later. And the Penguins have some key veteran players to help out, not to mention a rookie coach who outsmarted a Stanley Cup winner in the previous game. With some momentum after a tremendous Game 6, the Penguins come into the Joe Louis Arena having not won there in this series, and admittedly unwilling to play there.

Puck Daddy came out with a very good comprehensive list of things needed for each team to succeed in Game 7. If all of these- or even some of these- happen, then you can expect an incredible final game of the season to commence tomorrow night at the Joe.

Something tells me that after all of their hard work, the Pittsburgh Penguins may fall that much short again... but not before giving the almighty Red Wings a heck of a fight. They're not the same team they were last year, and I think they can look past their nerves and past history to come prepared tomorrow... making it all come down to who makes that little mistake that could cost it all.


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