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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Blog Post

So what seems like way back when I met two photographers at the Flyers vs. Penguins playoff game in Philly. Tom (far) works for Associated Press and Tim (near) for Reuters…both great guys.

During each period they both take between 250-300 pictures. In between periods and after the game Tom emails pictures to New York and Tim emails pictures to Singapore. From there the photos are distributed. Tom was nice enough to send some pictures from the games and even one of DP in net, well two of DP but I’m not going to post a picture of a Flyer getting the puck past him – Tom is a Flyer fan and in his email to me referred to the Islanders as ‘lame’. Hey it wasn’t that long ago your team sucked as well. I’ve asked Tom to send along some more Isles photos and here’s his website to check out - www.mihalekphoto.com. Thanks for the photos Tom!

How many Islanders can you find in the picture above? : )


AngieOnTheNYIslesScene said...

For that last pic, I was like, "what do you mean, there's only one there!" Then I saw the legs sticking out from the net... xD clever clever.

ChristineOnTheNYIslesScene said...

Ya, didn't notice at first and then laughed when I did...a wha tha?? moment.