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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hello from New York

This is my first post, so I'll be very friendly.

Hi, my name is Angie, I'm a relatively new Isles fan- going on three years. But I love this team and everything hockey, so in addition to Isles posts, look forward to some insight on other teams in the league and issues going on in hockey today.

Last game was forgettable, but the layoff allows us to regroup and gear up for tomorrow night's matchup against the Lightning. This team was defeated by the Rangers, 3-1, just a couple of nights ago, but against us, they have had a very good record. For some reason, they always seem to have our number, and it is up to us to make sure that tomorrow doesn't turn into another blowout loss. The main aspect of the loss, IMO, was Rick DiPietro's goaltending, which was uncharacteristically bad (for this season, anyway), and hopefully he'll be able to iron things out with that. He was just trying to do too much with the puck instead of just keeping it simple, so maybe tomorrow night he'll go back to the way he was playing before the meltdown on Saturday.

Tomorrow night also marks Mike Sillinger's 1000th NHL game, which I have to applaud. 1000 games? That is a HUGE milestone, and I believe Sillinger is especially worthy of the recognition. He is a natural leader, hardworking, and the team responds to him exceptionally well. If Billy Guerin (a fine captain, no doubt) wasn't in the picture, Silly would have been my pick for captain. But even so, with or without the "C," he is smart and efficient, and excellent in his play. When he retires, he would make a very good coach with his knowledge of the game. Big kudos to him, and congratulations.

Well, that's my first post. More will come with the game tomorrow night.

Let's go, Islanders!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tonight’s Game Brought to You by the Letter Y

Islanders 3 : Hurricanes 8

There’s only one expression that fits tonight’s game outcome…YIKES!! It’s the kind of loss where you just move on from it as best you can and as quickly as you can. Either that or it’s the kind of game you want to use your comedic super powers to reverse the score – sort of like Bob Nelson looking down at his football jersey – number 72…oh sh*#…27. I play football on the football field…unibamacorns - they need your money, they need your money deperately…to buy hats.

Anyway, there I was thinking it was sucky to be across the street at Hofstra for a reception instead of at the game but after hearing the final score on the radio I wasn’t so bummed to miss the pain…oops I mean game. Although I did sneak out of the reception for an Isles moment which leads me to sending out vibes of thanks to the parking people who were uber nice about my just needing parking to run into the Isles store (my Isles emblem magnet fell off in the #$*%! car wash). It was also nice meeting a family from Sweden who were at the Starbucks post-game across the street from the see-em’ (as in see them play…yeah I made that up when I was a kid). Despite the loss the Swedish fishes enjoyed the game. As for the game overall…it’s early in the season and as Bruce Lee has said, “Yesterday is dead”. As hockey goes there will come a time when the score is that much in the Isle’s favor so no doom and gloom resides in my mind about the rest of the season.

ps. figured out what’s up with DP, or at least two aspects – on ice his timing seems to be off. Off ice he seems (my vibe from watching a post game interview after the Devils game) distracted and restless. The blank stare and constant fidgeting were the body language clues. Let’s hope settling into a long term contract doesn’t cause complacency (on a conscious or sub-conscious level). I’m not a big fan of long term contracts in a competitive market like sports. Mastery should not be achieved that soon in a career. Don’t even get me started on Crosby being captain. Way to potentially ruin a career for the sake of marketing a team. Oh hey there…has anyone seen Eric Lindros lately? Exactly.

pss. I won’t psss.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We've Only Just Begun...

Islanders 4 : Devils 3

It was a freaky feeling in my stomach game to watch. Can't exactly put it into words - I am happy for the team because they won but it didn’t feel like a win. Instead I thought of how much information they have now for this week’s practices – a ton of information as to how to transform vulnerability into fuel. There is nice blend this season of younger and older players. I hope the organization will make it a point to develop further the team’s ability to play during the ride between the ups and downs. That seemed to be when the Isles lost their composure but this time around they pulled off getting their composure back. Phew! I could watch Vasicek’s goal a few more times on replay. Beautiful reach = beautiful goal. Something seems off with DP. Not sure what but may I suggest he take a swim at Jones Beach this time of year to possibly jolt him fully back into his body. As for the Devils I look forward to what emerges from the cocoon they are all in. Should be interesting whatever way they develop. Most energizing about the game was the assertive sticks on net – something I’ve ‘prayed’ for this team for a while now. Oh and also my 4 month old kitten Toby sitting in front of the tv watching about 10 minutes of the 3rd period. Looks like we have another Isles fan. Like he had a choice.