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Sunday, October 21, 2007

We've Only Just Begun...

Islanders 4 : Devils 3

It was a freaky feeling in my stomach game to watch. Can't exactly put it into words - I am happy for the team because they won but it didn’t feel like a win. Instead I thought of how much information they have now for this week’s practices – a ton of information as to how to transform vulnerability into fuel. There is nice blend this season of younger and older players. I hope the organization will make it a point to develop further the team’s ability to play during the ride between the ups and downs. That seemed to be when the Isles lost their composure but this time around they pulled off getting their composure back. Phew! I could watch Vasicek’s goal a few more times on replay. Beautiful reach = beautiful goal. Something seems off with DP. Not sure what but may I suggest he take a swim at Jones Beach this time of year to possibly jolt him fully back into his body. As for the Devils I look forward to what emerges from the cocoon they are all in. Should be interesting whatever way they develop. Most energizing about the game was the assertive sticks on net – something I’ve ‘prayed’ for this team for a while now. Oh and also my 4 month old kitten Toby sitting in front of the tv watching about 10 minutes of the 3rd period. Looks like we have another Isles fan. Like he had a choice.

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