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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tonight’s Game Brought to You by the Letter Y

Islanders 3 : Hurricanes 8

There’s only one expression that fits tonight’s game outcome…YIKES!! It’s the kind of loss where you just move on from it as best you can and as quickly as you can. Either that or it’s the kind of game you want to use your comedic super powers to reverse the score – sort of like Bob Nelson looking down at his football jersey – number 72…oh sh*#…27. I play football on the football field…unibamacorns - they need your money, they need your money deperately…to buy hats.

Anyway, there I was thinking it was sucky to be across the street at Hofstra for a reception instead of at the game but after hearing the final score on the radio I wasn’t so bummed to miss the pain…oops I mean game. Although I did sneak out of the reception for an Isles moment which leads me to sending out vibes of thanks to the parking people who were uber nice about my just needing parking to run into the Isles store (my Isles emblem magnet fell off in the #$*%! car wash). It was also nice meeting a family from Sweden who were at the Starbucks post-game across the street from the see-em’ (as in see them play…yeah I made that up when I was a kid). Despite the loss the Swedish fishes enjoyed the game. As for the game overall…it’s early in the season and as Bruce Lee has said, “Yesterday is dead”. As hockey goes there will come a time when the score is that much in the Isle’s favor so no doom and gloom resides in my mind about the rest of the season.

ps. figured out what’s up with DP, or at least two aspects – on ice his timing seems to be off. Off ice he seems (my vibe from watching a post game interview after the Devils game) distracted and restless. The blank stare and constant fidgeting were the body language clues. Let’s hope settling into a long term contract doesn’t cause complacency (on a conscious or sub-conscious level). I’m not a big fan of long term contracts in a competitive market like sports. Mastery should not be achieved that soon in a career. Don’t even get me started on Crosby being captain. Way to potentially ruin a career for the sake of marketing a team. Oh hey there…has anyone seen Eric Lindros lately? Exactly.

pss. I won’t psss.

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