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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yes They Are Way Ahead In The Standings But The Flyers Still Suck

As always I'm holding out hope for tonight's game against the Flyers, hope that the Isles will finally stand up to their playground bully. Bummed that I won't be able to watch the game but a fundraiser for an animal refuge, at the end of the day, is more important...although some die hard hockey fans would say 'no it isn't' or ask if there is a TV at the place before deciding to go. : )

Injury and inconsistent roster seem to be hindering the Isles but overall for me it's really not about the team as much as it is about the organization as I don't believe much will change until a change is made in Isles ownership. This excerpt below of a debate on FB with my Flyers fan friend AJ pretty much sums up what I think about this subject and about AJ's gloating over the fact that the Flyers are way ahead of the Isles in the standings and the Isles appear unable to win against them...what since 2007 is it? I now refer to this as tonight's pre-game coverage:

"Ok so let's focus on your team now because that suits you now like a typical fair-weather Flyers fan. Regardless of how well they do this season they, as they always do, will choke in the end. Your team is top heavy for yet another season, you don't have a defense or a goalie to make it to winning the Cup. All that talent over the years and they still can't pull it off, bad enough the Flyers wasted Lindros all those years. Add to that the classless fans too many Flyer fans are where my friend was afraid to walk to my car after Flyers fans screamed in our faces 'go home' and 'fu*k you and your team' at us inside which happens EVERY time after a game walking in the corridor. I sit in a club seat so that I don't have to deal with the general admission idiots who say stupid $hit the entire game, even when there are kids around. Your fan base has the worst reputation in the league and has for years. A fan base one step below Eagles obnoxious fans and everyone knows it. My team sucks because the owner sucks and at this point is holding my team hostage for a real estate deal. I can't even focus on the team at this point because the 'suck' is tricking down from the guy at the top and he's poisoning everything and everybody underneath him, including the team. The best part of the Flyers? The arena, John Stevens, Martin Biron (my favorite current NHL goalie even when he WAS on the Flyers) and the greyhound adoption table at the games with the greyhounds actually there. I've been watching the NHL for more years than you have been alive, if the overall history doesn't factor into this kind of debate, keep watching and maybe one day you'll get it. Now I must go and burn some white sage and meditate that the Isles somehow find a way to kick the crap out of your team tonight. It's a long shot but with Wang in charge, it's all we Isles fans have, loyalty to our team..WIN OR LOSE. Oh and Peter Laviolette? You and your team can enjoy our sloppy seconds."

Yeah I know I stole that last line from Sean Avery. It was so fitting though. 

LET'S GO ISLANDERS!! I'll GIVE YOU EACH 5 BUCKS IF YOU WIN TONIGHT!! Wait ya'll make beaucoup paper so instead I'll donate 5 bucks for each player on the roster tonight to the refuge. 

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