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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Once Again... A Dead Horse Resurrected- Or Should I Say, a Dead "Bunny"?

So, here we go again- this time, it's a anti-puck bunny song that's caused a stir among hockey fans, male and female. Basically, an adorable girl in glasses and a Thrashers shirt sings about how "puck bunnies don't know (cough) about hockey, 'cause they're there to play a different game." (Lyrics from the song, by the way.) You can see it here:


Puck Daddy picked it up and posted it on their blog, and while it's gotten plenty of positive buzz, of COURSE the Negative Nancys have to comment as well. One blogger, while making a couple of valid points about how not every pretty girl in a hockey jersey is necessarily a puck bunny, went as far as to suggest that every anti-puck bunny out there is some ugly, fat, desperate female who wants a hockey player to look at them instead of the chosen beauties.

News flash: it's time to get over that mentality, because appearances don't matter when it comes to respectable female fans vs. the ones with ears and tails.

Now, when it comes to fandom, personally, I don't lie about where I stand. I'm a female. I'm attracted to men. That may or may not include the men who happen to play in the NHL. It takes nothing away from what I post on here (I would hope) because I don't blather on about how much of a "babe" John Tavares is, or how I would try to get a date with Rick DiPietro. (Um, he's MARRIED, people. Like, God. /end sarcasm) That is not what this blog is about, and besides, Christine would probably go insane. ;) I have more respect for her, our readers, and myself- not to mention this sport. I just happen to have hormones that go beyond a wall of glass and a sheet of ice. Big deal.

But, and I will say this "but" because it's a pretty true one: BUT. I would never conduct myself with the same kind of recklessness and sheer lack of self-respect that puck bunnies do. While it's to be determined whether they know about the game or not, it's clear that they don't care- their priority is to get a hockey player or die trying. My priority, and that of many fellow female fans I associate with, is to watch, learn and love the game- with the bonus of a few nice-looking faces.

I suppose that's all pretty easy to understand (though some people still don't get it), and to be honest, the topic of a female hockey fan will never stop being beaten, buried, and dug up once more for resuscitation. Any girl who happens to mention her attraction to a player could be judged accordingly- by men, sure, but more often by fellow female fans who automatically declare her a deviation from the unwritten rules of our fandom, whatever those may be. It's how we were raised, I guess- after all, sociologically, what are we taught? Cross your legs, pluck your eyebrows, and find a man before your 30s. It's nonsense. But it's near-unquestionable nonsense at this point, though some of us (*raises hand*) will still question it. As I think we should. There's no reason to point the finger at each other, ladies, and even if sometimes we think a girl has dubious intentions, there's nothing wrong with taking her under our wings and teaching her the basics. Am I right or am I right?

But that's a subject for a post on a very different blog. For now, I leave you with this video, and I hope we all know that healthy female =/= puck bunny. Au revoir.

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