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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Senators Coach's Daughter Mourned by Thousands

This morning a memorial service was held for Daron, the daughter of Ottawa Senators assistant coach Luke Richardson and his wife Stephanie. Reportedly, Daron committed suicide in the basement of her home at the tender age of 14. Suicide is such a permanent choice in response to what are usually temporary problems and/or conditions, however it can be very hard for someone who is struggling to take on this perspective. 14 years of life is not enough time to decide whether life is worth living because things can always turn around on a dime for the better, especially in adolescence. For a 14 year old child to believe that there is no other option is a tragedy. This is something people never get over, they learn to cope or live with it the best they can. Angie and I would like to offer our condolences to the Richardson family, especially to Daron's sister Morgan, who is now an only child, and in my professional experience the family member most likely to carry the weight of this devastation. I hope Morgan will be provided the support she will need to live a happy and healthy life despite the loss of her sister.

Senators coach's daughter mourned by thousands

For more information about suicide prevention:

Kids Help Phone - Canada

Child, Youth, and Family Crisis Line of Eastern Ontario

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Institute of Mental Health

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