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Friday, November 6, 2009

Yankees Win

It was great to be back in NYC even if only for the day. After 11 years living in the City I’m still like a tourist upon returning home from out of town, taking pictures like this one while in the Holland Tunnel on Wednesday.

City life never grows old or more importantly, comfortable. It was also great to finally watch an Islanders game on TV, albeit flipping back and forth with the Yankees/Phillies game. After deliberating as a Mets fan between rooting for the Yankees or Phillies, in the end being a New Yorker won out over rivalry with my sister Donna who was at the game Wednesday night. As much as I don’t like the Yankees, walking out of my apartment building after the game to hear an apartment across the street blaring the TV and the song New York, New York while what sounded like a stadium full of people cheering – well it was a hundred times more wonderful than the complete silence in Philly on Thursday thus definitely worth rooting for the Yankees…temporarily.

Donna’s recap -

“Yankee Stadium rocked Wednesday night--even in the upper deck the fan base was relatively mild mannered for a. my bringing a Phillies fan who wore Victorino jersey and Phillies hat and b. their mega beer drinking. Thank you to the Yankees for going ahead early and staying ahead...the tensions that could have been--never really reached a panicked nor frenzied state---fans were celebrating in the 6th and egging Ryan Howard on with the antagonistic cheer of "O-VER RaTeD" to which I said out loud, "Why, Why Why" and with that Mr. Howard clobbered a home run. Both hot hitting teams could easily score 4 runs in any given inning but the Yankee fan swagger was in full force with nothing but a VICTORY on their minds while the few scattered Phillies fans relinquished themselves to standing behind the row of seats conceding so early...so with the impending Yankees win the electricity was a little lackluster--not loud enough to be contained within the confines of the new Yankee Stadium (enough with the doing it for the boss already) and it didn't come close to the exuberation and exhilaration of the Islanders winning their first cup in 1980--the ringing in my ears from that experience is still louder than the ringing that could have been in my ears from Wednesday night's victory because a. ice hockey stadiums are enclosed and hence all the noise is contained (14,400 fans in an air tight container sound louder than 54,000 in an open air arena) and b. the Yankees didn't win in walk off fashion, spontaneous pandemonium can only happen in a spontaneous situation like sudden death OT.”

Ok sis, so we agree on an ice hockey team, disagree on a baseball team BUT have a tie-breaker that forever tips us over into common ground…



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