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Monday, November 2, 2009

Scared the Bejesus out of my Dogs, Witt to Blame

Oilers 1 : Islanders 3

About ½ hour before scaring the bejesus out of my dogs, I took this picture of Lily and Maddy. We’ve been at my mom’s while Lily recuperates from fracturing her L6 for which I am to blame – tripping over her as we were on our way out the door last week. Even though Maddy (11) is younger than Lily (14), like a Boxer she is protective over those she loves and has been by Lily’s side 24/7 – nurse Maddy as we now call her. So there they were fast asleep as I was doing this and that for work with NHL on the Fly in the background. On came the recap of the Isles/Oilers game, the outcome of the game not known prior to the recap - Ethan Moreau scores…John Tavares scores…Brendan Witt scores…


look up at TV for the replay

type type type on laptop type type type

Brendan Witt scores again…


The loudness of WHAT? = Maddy jumping up to her feet and Lily jumping up to her shoulders…both looking at me as if to say “Where’s the fire?”. Would have texted Angie as she had probably already been celebrating aka tweeting about one of her favorite Isle’s accomplishment but was too busy wiping up the tea I spilled when standing up to reassure the dogs I hadn’t lost it completely – so Mr. Witt is to blame for the spill as well. If he would have gotten the hat trick quite possibly that would have warranted assigning him blame for the US economy.

Because we bloggers are of the opinion that Witt can do no wrong, rather than assign pseudo blame a Fu Man Chu is awarded instead.

As for the team, whatever is fueling ya’ll, make sure you take it with you as you shuffle off to Buffalo. Shuffle all over Buffalo.

Josh Bailey…you’re up.


Post blog note: it was pointed out to me this morning that Lily and Maddy's position sorta looks like the letter W, obviously they are fans of Witt. Yes it does, yes they are, dude you need more hobbies. : )

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