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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Read This Now.

Perhaps more relevant now than it ever will be... read this article from John Buccigross of ESPN about Brendan Burke, Toronto GM Brian Burke's now-openly gay son, and think of how it might put the wheels of change ever so slowly into motion.



Dominik said...

Yeah, that was great. This stuff is overdue.

Rock on, young Burke. Rock on.

ChristineOnTheNYIslesScene said...

The article's format was disappointing. The content was more about other people than about Brendan. Looks like writing about people who are gay in and around ice hockey is going to be a process of its own. It's a start! : )
What would cause the greatest reaction is not WHO was gay in the NHL, but HOW MANY are either gay or bi-sexual.
If you don't know a person close to you or who you spend a good amount of time with is gay, it's because you don't want to know.