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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hunter, Hilbert Finding A Way in Scott Gordon's New System

Perhaps it's a little early to suggest that both Trent Hunter and Andy Hilbert will really provide for this Islanders team over the course of the season. However, in the first four games of this year, I and Christine have both noticed a slight difference in each player.

With Hunter as the top goalscorer on the team as of late (4 goals, 4 GP), he is starting to show the type of play many had hoped to see from him last season. Last year, he seemed to be all but invisible, doing little things to help his teammates out but not putting the puck in the net. But with a new contract perhaps comes a new incentive to play harder, as Hunter has been doing lately, and it's paying off for the Isles as of late. As they say, though, time will tell if he will continue this pattern.

As for Hilbert, he took no time at all to score his first goal of the season, and seemingly has been looking for more, as he's stepping out and slowly starting to find his role in Scott Gordon's new system. His play has become more confident, as he's finding his way to the net, shooting more, and is even being used more, I think, in the offense. Where he looked insecure and lost in Ted Nolan's system, he's playing with surety now- and even Howie Rose has noticed. Sure, he may never be a true skill player or a huge goalscorer, but as long as he does what he can to put the puck on and in net and make good plays, all the better for him and the team. It also helps that he has some background with Scott Gordon, having played in Providence for him a few years back- no doubt Gordon knows more of him and his game than Nolan did and is willing to give him more of a chance. As the season goes along, it'll be interesting to see if he keeps it up, and I am hoping that he will- it'll make a great story in the months to come.

Therefore, tonight, although the future is uncertain, just keep an eye on these two guys and make the call for yourself.

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