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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Isles Fan + Duct Tape =

While at the Isles vs. Devils game I stalked an Isles fan walking with his brother in the corridor between periods. Nick and Mike are from Hillsdale, NJ. Their dad had been an Isles fan until the Devils came to town a.k.a their Dad went over to the dark side. Nick tapped into his creativity to show support for Kyle Okposo via duct tape and a black marker. When asked why he did so, Nick replied that he thinks Okposo is the future of the team – the best prospect since DP. Great to see Nick and Mike have remained with the force of the Isle’s side.

Thanks to Nick and Mike for the interview and to my Isles mate Marc for taking the picture.

And now for my commentary about the game - WE WON!!


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