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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Four-legged Hockey Fans

While out of town last week I stopped at a Starbucks in Marlton, NJ only to turn around in line to find an adorable puppy being held in his mamma’s coat. The typical fawning over a puppy conversation was about to take place…little did I know we’d have more in common than a love of our dogs.

Christine: “What is your name?”

Ashley: “His name is Puck”

Christine: “Puck you must be a hockey fan”


Turns out Ashley comes from a hockey family. Her dad and brother play(ed) hockey and as a kid Ashley wanted to play but there were no teams for girls. Originally hailing from Buffalo and now residing in Southern NJ, Ashley and her family are die-hard Sabres fans. At one point while living in Buffalo, Ashley’s next door neighbor was Pat LaFontaine, who also happens to be one of her favorite players. Ashley wanted to name Puck ‘taine’ as a tribute to LaFontaine but her family would not go for it so Puck he became. Puck is a flat coated retriever, a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Newfoundland bred for hunting (Hey Puck! I heard it’s open season on Flyers!). When asked to comment about his mamma having to endure Flyer fans’ comments when she goes to the Wachovia Center to see her team play wearing her Sabre’s jersey, Puck replied, “Sabres RULE, Flyers DROOL!”

Thanks to Ashley for sending Puck’s picture along and sharing your love of dogs and hockey….hmmm dogs and hockey…now there’s a great promotion…bring your dog to the game.


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