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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Isles in the News...

An article about Chris Simon by Gordon Sinclair of the Winnipeg Free Press

We can all learn something from this 'bad boy'

email sent to Mr. Sinclair

Dear Mr. Sinclair,

Good day to you. Thank you for taking the time to write about Chris Simon. More specifically, thank you pointing out the difference between the ‘doer’ and the ‘deed’. I predominately work with children; there is no better age group that needs to learn about making mistakes and recovering from them than kids, and no better age group that is as understanding and forgiving. A role model is not synonymous with perfection, the best role models are people who are authentic and who can inspire others by sharing insight about lessons learned from the highs and lows of their life, a rollercoaster ride that we can all relate to. I am really looking forward to Chris’s return and have faith that he will skate onto the ice ready to compete in a way that represents the talented player he is.

Take care,
New York, NY

response from Mr. Sinclair

Hi Christine,

What a beautifully written letter.
Thank you for saying it better than I could.


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