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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ding Dong the Losing Streak is Gone!

Isles 4 : Silladelphia Flyers 3

Since I missed most of the game, Angie is going to provide the highlights of this great effort by the Isles. Thanks Angie! My game experience was as follows…

5:30pm: left apartment
5:50pm: picked up my friend Matt by Grand Central Station
6:32pm: arrived in midtown to pick up tickets from Marc
(midtown in rush hour in crappy weather suckith big)
8:33pm: arrived at the game
8:40pm: knuckles gained their color back, shoulders began to relax


9:32pm: joined in on the beeping of LET’S GO ISLANDERS! about 15 times
9:40pm: arrived at Starbucks across from the Coliseum
9:41pm: shouted THE ISLES WON! to Rangers fan Starbuck’s employee
9:41pm: Rangers fan Starbuck’s employee rolled her eyes while responding in kind
9:48pm: secured no whip, no foam soy hot chocolate
9:50pm: began trek back to the city
11:16pm: with the help of the parking gods, arrived home
11:18pm: shouted THE ISLES WON! to my 2 cats and 2 dogs
11:18pm: cats and dogs looked at me like I was nutso

From 5:50pm until 8:33pm my friend Matt and I questioned our sanity but from then forward, watching the Isles end their losing streak by beating those silly Flyers was worth every minute of the 3 hour drive out to the game. We were a thin but loud crowd and with the way the Isles played, the Coliseum rocked tonight. Like Angie, I was totally for promoting hockey to women but not too thrilled with calling the event ‘Hockey and Heels’. ‘Ladies Night Out’ would have been just fine. Instead of the stereotypical offering of a fashion show, it would have been more inspiring to watch women and/or young ladies play ice hockey during the intermissions. But if this kind of gig has to happen again, I hope the Isles organization will show their humane side and not include a Mink coat as part of the clothing ensemble.

Before signing off I would like to take an inanimate object moment and thank my SUV for carrying us safely to and from the game - and if I may...thank myself for being wise enough to tell my mother about driving to the game in that crazy weather AFTER the game was over. I may be 39, but I’m still her kid. And finally, to my fellow Isles fan sitting three seats down from me - you were wrong about the drive home…I made it home before Friday!



Leann said...

9:48pm: secured no whip, no foam soy hot chocolate

or so you think it was soy ;) ahah just kidding!

am i banned from your blog yet? AHA!

ChristineOnTheNYIslesScene said...

Banned? Heck no. I pay the Rangers and Ranger fans no mind! As for you, well you love your team and that's a-ok with me. Put milk in my hot chocolate instead of soy?...now that's another matter. : )~