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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To Boo or Not to Boo, That is the Question

One of the many threads going on over at Islander Mania is a ‘boo or cheer’ poll being taken on whether or not an Isles fan would boo or cheer for Jason Blake when he arrives tonight as a Maple Leaf. One IM’er predicted a mixed response from the crowd:

“I think the older fan that sees more of what goes on behind the scenes and understands the business part of the game will be booing. The younger fan that doesn't understand that part and only saw Blake as a 40 goal scorer will cheer him.”
-Dan (NYI1058)

I’ll ask Angie to post her viewpoint as a younger fan, as the older fan of this duo I say au contraire mon frere. I’ve been an Isles fan for 34 years - yes maturity has brought about an understanding of the infusion of politics and business into sports, but that understanding has only lead to realizing that there is quite a gap between what I 'know' and what actually goes on in the inner sanctum of the players, team, and organization. I am no more ‘behind the scenes’ than I was at age 5…now I’m just OnTheNYIslesScene (sorry, could not resist that one). This doesn’t appear to be an issue of age, but instead an understanding of subjectivity vs. objectivity…and with what Jason Blake is going through health wise, an issue of humility.

Booing a guy who is going through treatment for Leukemia?...trying to stick around to see his children grow up? But wait! there’s more! Some seemed to base their vote on separating the man from the player (although he’s going through treatment while playing hockey so how anyone can do that would seem impossible), supporting their boo vote with ‘evidence’ of Blake’s attitude while playing for the Isles, popularity among his Isle teammates, comments made about the Isles organization and the fans (attendance), and selling out for more money. Wow I didn’t realize so many fans had SPOKEN to Blake about his decision and why he said what he said and wowee I didn’t realize so many Isles fans were PRESENT at the meetings leading up to the decision. At best we have snippets of what actually happened.

If some Isles fans want a little payback for Jason Blake, maybe they should try cheering on their team. Wouldn’t the Isles beating the Leafs be the best ‘up your nose with a rubber hose for leaving the Isles’ revenge?

The voting stands, at the time of this post:

Boo [26] [16.05%]

Cheer [119] [73.46%]

Meh [neither] (17) [10.49%]

Whether they were younger or older fans, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that 83.95% of voters are grounded in reality.


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