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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Game Is Over For Simon...For Now, At Least


I first heard this news at about 5:45 in the morning while reading the feed from ESPNEWS and debating on whether I wanted to get dressed early for once, or not. Once I read that Chris Simon has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Islanders following his match penalty on Saturday night for purposely kicking Jarkko Ruutu, I texted Christine as quickly as I could, never mind she was probably sleeping. (Hey, had to make sure she knew, right?)

Now TSN is reporting that Simon has decided to take some time away from the Isles to "seek counselling" before meeting with Colin Campbell today. Early yesterday, TSN reports, owner Charles Wang met with Simon to discuss what could be done to give Simon the support he needs. Wang also met with Ted Nolan, Garth Snow, Bill Guerin, Brendan Witt, Mike Sillinger and Rick DiPietro on the matter. And now... it's clear that Simon is in for the long haul.

This is a good move, for both Simon and the organization. The Islanders definitely want no part of the antics that he has displayed over almost two years with the team, and it's clear Simon needs help beyond what the league can simply do to make the situation "better." His actions have not only been harmful to the team, as I have stated, but they are also harmful to him as a player and as a person, as it has been made evident by his leave. The best thing the Islanders can do now as a team and as an organization is to give him full support in his time of need, and do whatever they can to make sure that when and if he comes back to the Island, nothing like this will happen again.

Despite something like this from Marty Henwood of hockey.com, who obviously doesn't know Simon enough to realize that this is much more than a simple stunt during a game:


The Isles should find it imperative to support Simon, at any rate.

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