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Monday, December 31, 2007

Calling the Attention of One Colin Campbell

Dear Mr. Campbell,
I am writing to inquire as to your reasoning behind your recent decision regarding one New York Rangers enforcer by the name of Colton Orr.

According to the Daily News, during the Rangers- Hurricanes game on December 26, Orr got into a "collision" with Matt Cullen, while Cullen was carrying the puck and just happened to have his head down. Orr (rightfully, by the look of the hit) received a major misconduct penalty for interference, only to have it rescinded three days later, with no further action regarding a hearing or suspension, because you, Mr. Campbell, found it unnecessary and unworthy of a review. Now, I have seen this hit, and I don't believe in any way that this hit was clean- and how could it, when Cullen suffered a broken nose and a concussion (no matter what the Hurricanes say, he did- he was knocked unconscious, which means he did receive a concussion, check out MayoClinic.com)?

Reading the comments on YouTube regarding the video feeds of this hit, someone happens to remark that this hit was "no worse than a Scott Stevens hit", while others see fit to drag up the Chris Simon incident, both of which I have something to say about. Regarding Mr. Stevens, whose claim to the Hall of Fame is ridiculously vicious hits like this... just because the hit is clean, does not mean that the player does not have the intent to injure; they simply do it in a way that won't get them into crazy trouble with the league. Like my partner-in-crime Christine says, the only thing Chris Simon needs to do is improve his aim, and he'd be another Scott Stevens. And for those that argue that Cullen's head was down... big freaking deal. If anything, that should be a harsher punishment for hitting someone at their most vulnerable. What a dirty excuse.

The media had fun with it, too. John Dellapina of the Daily News, who fluctuated between calling this a "hit" and a "collision", even tried turning the tables on the Hurricanes, who refused to acknowledge Cullen's concussion. Stupid, yes, but no more stupid than finishing a hit on a guy who's got his head down when you have plenty of time to slow up and avoid an injury such as said conclusion. Dellapina would never admit that, though. This is a guy who wrote an article in Sunday's Rangers Insider for the News essentially praising Sean Avery for being what he is: a classless, low-lived cheap shot artist in more ways than one.

By the way, my bone to pick with "collision" vs. "hit": A collision is usually accidental, between two people who cannot control momentum between them. A hit is usually deliberate, and usually controllable- and in no way was Orr's hit accidental, seeing as he had time to slow down and he didn't have to bring his arms up into Cullen's face. So use one, or use the other, whichever one you believe. Don't interchange terms.

Back to the analysis... and of course, resident New York Post shock jock Larry Brooks just has to put his two cents' worth in, showing his usual lack of objectivity in writing an article screaming Orr's innocence. As if Orr has ever been innocent of anything, save for being a class act. The truth is, I don't see Brooks' articles as much of anything except worthless muck that just passes at the Post for journalism. See fit to correct me, if I may be wrong.

But as for you, Mr. Campbell, who have suspended people in the past for hits like this, and suspended Simon for 30 games for something that barely even injured Jarkko Ruutu (not that it wasn't deserved, but 30 games?)- you didn't even bother to look into something that has echoes of the Randy Jones hit on Patrice Bergeron that has Bergeron with a similar injury as Cullen, and has not seen his return to the ice as of yet. But Orr's hit was clean. Orr just happened to knock Cullen out- completely Cullen's fault, is that it? And I don't say this because I'm an Islanders fan, but this smacks of bias, and I'm starting to lose patience with waiting for something to justify the lengthy suspensions you have given in the past. This is a hit that has surpassed anything that Simon has put Ruutu through, and yet inadequate measures are taken- it's ridiculous.

I only hope that, had this been an Islander or a Devil, or any other player, in this situation, you would have been so kind as to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I wouldn't bet my life on it. Orr may not have meant for it to be that severe, but it was your job to make sure he knew to be more careful- and you missed it. Simple as that.

Next time, make it a strike, no matter the jersey.



P.S. Here's the hit, in case you'd want to study it again...


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