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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Key in, Lock Opened, Comeback Made, Game Won

Islanders 3 : Rangers 2

Sooner or later I am going to find myself explaining to a police officer that I was speeding because there was an Islander breakaway yatta yatta yatta. “I can’t help it officer, my foot has a mind of its own and automatically responds to the play by play action on the radio”. My guess is that the officer’s NHL allegiance might factor in being issued a warning or ticket. So I arrived home in the beginning of the third period which was a stand in front of and talk at the TV kind of period. Since the Isles seem to be in better physical condition than in past seasons I had faith they would muster up the UMPH! needed to win. As for the Rangers, hmm…how to put the vibe into words - through the years they have managed to become an intimidating organization, from the players to the fans. It’s a presence that seems to remain intact even when their record doesn’t match up in a particular season. The Ranger’s style of play is like a lock that can be opened if you have the key. One key is to remain focused and calm in response to their offensive pressure, another key is to keep firing at Lundqvist until your determination pays off. And IMHO this is what the fellas did tonight. Instead of expending too much energy towards defending that pressure and stepping back offensively, the Isles skated with endurance and confidence which paved the way for them to maintain playing their own style of hockey. A great follow up to Pittsburgh.

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