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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Islanders Are On Course

Boats are rarely ever on course, yet they are on course. They negotiate the elements while keeping their bow headed towards their destination. It's kind of a relief that a boat doesn't always have to be on course, yet with guidance it ultimately gets where it needs to go. It's pretty amazing how a boat can handle waves for example. The boat rises and falls with the swells rather than fighting them, and even though it can get rough out there, the boat remains upright and can be redirected back on course as many times as necessary. The same current that comes against a boat can also be the same current that a boat uses to advance. And sometimes a boat can allow itself to go off course, knowing that the horizon is there. Sometimes going off course is necessary in getting to a destination. Boats traveling together are aware of themselves in relation to the surface they travel on and are aware of those boats around him, allowing the space for each individual to travel while successfully negotiating the elements together as they advance to where they want to go. The individuals steering their boat may or may not be cognizant of this, it may just be automatic thought and action that gets them towards their goals. 


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