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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Isles Need(ed) Their Beauty Rest

The Islanders lost game 5 to the Penguins for one reason, they were not well rested. It was apparent within 5 minutes after the puck dropped, as I put my head in my hands and to myself sighed, Oh noooooo. When fatigued, everything is just off...positioning, aim and so on. It's a sucky feeling. How much each Isle was in his body is a guess from this vantage point. Collectively they had a ghost like appearance on the ice.

Prior to the game I sensed that success for the Isles was going to be based on energy, especially of the defense and goalie. In game 4, the Isle's defensive positioning was fabulous. Some of the best I've seen this season. This game it was off, too many pockets for the Penguins to not take advantage of. The Penguins are good at surging their energy around an opposing team's net. That kind of vibration can draw the defense into chaos but it also can be dealt with. It reminds me of something my Sifu Raj taught me. Before Sifu would teach me how to get out of a situation physically, he taught me how to do that energetically. So much to write there but maybe for another post at another time. The Islanders are going to have to deal with those surges and shake them off, be able to deal with chaos around their net calmly and push back down the ice.

Some other points; 

-In order for the Isles offense to do their part, they've got to know that their defense has things under control. I didn't see that in game 5. I saw insecurity in the offense.

-The playoffs are a different animal of hockey. Your opponent is only as good as you make them out to be. 

-Coming back into your body... lay down on your back and from top to bottom feel your spine press down into the surface your are laying on. Center yourself by sitting down, feet grounded flat on the floor and hanging down your upper body between your legs. As you exhale, let your breath sink down as well to the earth, realeasing tension in your body and breath. 

Tea for adrenals/energy/alertness/performance anxiety:
Licorice Root
Eluethero Root
Pinch of Rosemary (Rosemary is pungent so remember it's easier to add than to take away once blended with other herbs)
Peppermint or Spearmint to flavor

Mix rosemary essential oil with sea salt/dead sea salt thus creating a smelling salts. Bring it to the bench in a paper bag and 'hyperventilate' away when needed...as in stick your nose in the bag and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Rosemary eo can also be mixed with oil (let's say Olive), rub it on your scalp before game.

and the list goes on...

Teaching athletes integrative ways to prepare for competition and rest from competition is an endless topic. But I also need my beauty rest so with that...


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