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Saturday, September 25, 2010

WTF? and Just Plain Disgusting

WTF??  : (


Just plain disgusting.

Way to be classy Philly. It is no wonder why I can't stand your sports attitude in general. 

To those at Philadelphia Daily News who find what Michael Vick and his cohorts did to defenseless animals over the years as 'Top Dog', may you come back in your next life as a fighting/bait dog. Here's Vick's indictment just in case ya' wanna have an idea of the brutality which only stopped...wait for it...BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT. 

Leopards don't change their spots, neither will Vick. Now in the spotlight again with the pressure to perform...just give it time. Vick in the starting spot is not a 'shocking turnout' - this was the plan from the beginning but the slow ease-in was done to avoid pissing off too many dog loving season ticket holders and so on....'so on' meaning $$$$$$$$$$$.

This post co-written by our guest blogger Maddy

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