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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NHL Rule Enforcement, Will it Work?

The NHL recently posted an official video regarding 2010-2011 rule changes including blind side and lateral hits to the head.

Comments about these rules seem to be mixed between those who think this is a puss move on the NHL and those who like the changes but are skeptical about the NHL enforcing the rules and/or confident the refs will be able to discern the difference between a good hit and a bad one. Maybe this video below is a pre-season precursor as to how accountable players will be held for their antics -

Chicago's Nick Boynton received a game misconduct penalty for making a throat slashing motion towards Tampa Bay's Blair Jones after Jones pummeled Boynton right in the kisser. Boynton mouthing "you're f*#$*%g dead" while making the gesture probably topped off his being suspended for one game which means missing his team's home opener on October 7th. Maybe this kind of thing has happened in the past but if in pre-season a player is going to be suspended for this and miss the home opener, maybe there is hope that all involved and responsible for rule enforcement will do their job. As I watched the video part showing bad hits, it repelled me from the computer screen - that kind of violence doesn't represent the sport I've loved since being a kid. It's not necessary, it's not ice hockey and kids especially should not have to be subjected to it. 

Side note - Boynton got pummeled because he pulled back his right arm too far when winding up to hit Jones thus he lost his balance and gave up his space to Jones. 

(source: NHL.com)

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