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Friday, April 23, 2010

One Series Down, Seven to Go...

So... one series has ended, and I'm already on a losing streak.

The Flyers closed out their series with the Devils, 4 games to 1, with their 3-0 shutout last night. Man, that sucks. But honestly, it was well-deserved... they played all out, while the Devs were all over the place and played with no distinguishable urgency whatsoever. Plus, Philly owes four steak dinners to goalie Brian Boucher for pretty much proving everyone (or at least me) wrong with his clutch play during this series. He's got the guys in front of him believing in him and playing some great D as well. I don't know if they'll fare as well against the Capitals (should Washington win this series, I believe that's the team the Flyers will face), but who knows?

Anyway... the Caps have the chance to win their series against the Habs as well, and they'll take it tonight at 7 p.m. Also on the docket: Coyotes-Red Wings, Kings-Canucks, Bruins-Sabres. Versus has made me very happy with its lineup for tonight, so I'll be enjoying the Caps and Coyotes games while keeping an eye on all of the other scores.

P.S. Triple OT last night in Pittsburgh? Yikes! I know some Pens fans weren't happy about the result. (4-3 win) Looks like they'll have to close out the series on road ice... that is, if all goes as planned.

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