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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Week In Review... WINTER OLYMPICS!

So I've missed the past two Isles games due to my BIG HUGE MOVE to Buffalo and all. But at least I have the Olympics to keep me occupied during a very long, Isles-free two weeks. So here goes.

- United States has gotten 18 medals so far, leading the competition. Evan Lysacek (men's figure skating), Shaun White (no surprise, men's snowboarding), Lindsey Vonn (women's downhill skiiing), and Shani Davis (men's speed skating- 1000m) are among the gold medalists.

- The first Canadian gold went to a young man by the name of Alexandre Bilodeau, for the men's moguls in freestyle skiing. Canada has 7 medals total.

- Men's ice hockey started off with both Canada and the U.S. winning their first two matches. The States beat Switzerland 3-1 and Norway 6-1; the Canadians beat Norway 8-0 first, then the Swiss 3-2 in a shootout. I got to see the Swiss game- a great contest that was, and one in which Jonas Hiller stood on his head for the White Cross. Too bad Sidney Crosby could be used twice in the shootout (and what kind of dumb rule is that, anyway?)

- In women's ice hockey, predictably, both the U.S. and Canada are kicking butt and taking names. Canada beat Slovakia 18-0, Switzerland 10-1, and Sweden 13-1; the U.S. beat China 12-1, Russia 13-0 and Finland 6-0. Can't wait to see how the gold medal game turns out.

Forgive me if I don't cover more; however, I don't really care to know more about the Olympics besides hockey, snowboarding and the occasional speed skater. No offense meant to the other great sports out there; I just haven't had the time to watch everything. Also, I should just come out right now and say I am supporting our only Isles representative, Mark Streit, and Team Switzerland in Men's Hockey; however, GO USA! for everything else. :)

Enjoy, everyone!

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