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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Slaughter Of Love: Valentine's Day Letters on the Island

Have you ever wondered what the Islanders would write to each other if they were to send each other Valentine's Day notes? Well, so have we. Here's an "exclusive" look at the sweet, sweet... er... words our boys pen to each other on this, the most romantic day of the year. (P.S. We're not here to judge or to offend... this is meant with the sincerest amount of humor possible. :) )

Dear Dougie,
On and off the ice, you are my best friend. You had me at hello, and ever since you've been the cream cheese to my bagel, the peanut butter to my jelly, the assist to my goal- er... anyway, I'm grateful we have this Valentine's Day together.
Till the trade deadline do us part, Billy #13

Oh Captain My Captain,

I love watching you skate up into the clouds where you play like a powerful, tall orange-and-blue clad hockey god. Sometimes I wish you could take me up there with you. You are the bestest captain ever. (Shh... don't tell Doug.)

Be mine,

Coach Gordon


I love you. You are my funny, adorable little French crepe. Let me be your sweet cannoli, and we will make delicious desserts together tonight. Meet me on the blueline; we'll get it cooking.

Love, Chris C.

To my goalie Joey-

When I first saw your lateral movements on the ice, I knew we were gonna have something special. You have knocked me off my feet (and into your crease) with your pad stops, and made me swoon over your glove saves. Before we leave the ice tonight, gimme some of your goalie lovin'.

Thomas Pock

Dear Marty,

Please be our valentine today. We promise not to hurt you.

Love, the entire defense.


I'm sorry I skated away instead of celebrating your first goal with you. I was only angry because you said I have about as many holes in my game as a slice of Swiss cheese. But I know you didn't mean it. I'm an All-Star, for crying out loud. So I want to make it up to you. Please be mine.

M. Streit #2


Man, I'm kinda angry at you. I saw you hugging Park on the ice after the game. When we're at practice, you're always joking with Billy, and you never look at me anymore. You even started that stupid little high-five with Campy again. What's up with that? I thought we had something, that this meant something to you. We could've been together, man; Hilary doesn't need to know! I hope you're willing to make this work. Don't let me down on Valentine's Day.


Hey, Parkie,

This is a bad time, but I think Mike's on to us. He kinda saw us hug at the Toronto game, and he wouldn't talk to me last night. I think he's getting really jealous now, and I don't want to hurt him... Things just haven't been the same between us, so I've got to end it between me and you. I hope my hug didn't lead you on or anything- I'm honestly just a one-Valentine man.

All the best, Ricky D.

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