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Sunday, December 21, 2008

With Streak at 9, What More Can Be Said?

The Islanders have found themselves in dire straits after last night, where they had their ninth consecutive loss, this time a shutout to the Nashville Predators.

With the next few games against tough opponents- at least for the Isles thus far- in Atlanta, Toronto, and Buffalo, the cold truth is that somehow, the Islanders are going to have to find a way to win two points against each of these teams. So far, they have been fruitless on offense, though not for lack of trying, and although Joey MacDonald is starting to find his touch again after a few lackluster games, he hasn't had much support from his defense lately.

These past few games have driven a stand-up player like Brendan Witt act out of frustration, not to mention having left me exasperated after watching another meltdown. They've led fans to question how much they really love the team anymore, and how much more they're willing to stand. This kind of doubt is only to be expected when it looks as though a last-place finish is in the cards, but anything can happen. The only question that arises from that is... when?

When is the offense going to break out? When is the defense going to get everything on point, and become the defense we need? When is Joey Mac going to stop everything that comes his way (and he has tried)? When are the Islanders going to look more like a team that, youth movement or not, talent or not, wants to be out on the ice, playing with a passion that cannot be matched?

These are all questions with no set answer, but even so, they've got to be on the minds of those fans who still watch devotedly in hope that perhaps the Isles will find that spark and manage a win. Everyone knew this was not going to be an easy season, but that doesn't mean we can't still try.

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