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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A + B = C

Predators 1 : Islanders 0

Just as I was about to get started on this post my cat Tobionekinobi decided that of all the places to nap, my (now seemingly his) mouse pad was the spot. Since his cuteness prevents me from moving him out of my way…Cat 1 : Human 0.

Soooo….yeah…another ‘L’ for the Isles…#9. Uugh. But HEY! look at the bright side…they only lost by 1! Not doing it for ya? Ok how about the way Joey MacDonald wielded his body around the entire game? 27 saves where some were just fantastic. Still not turning that frown upside down? Ok how about the way Richard Park has recently elevated his game to a level that better reflects his ability? Doug Weight two points shy of 1,000 career points? (Heal thy groin!) I’m guessing there is probably nothing that could be pointed out to calm the Islander fan storm and prevent it from continuing to brew except for seeing a ‘W’ in the game result column. And so I offer this reality check - no one takes the brunt of losing more than the players who each night play to win. And if ever there was a coach who clearly expresses in his behind the bench body language what looks like an allergic reaction to losing, it’s Scott Gordon.

So as of the Isles vs. Predators game we’re at game 33 of the season. Beyond the Isles moving onward and upward…

If I hear the words system and Islanders in the same sentence again I am going to hurl. After a while buzz words are like little pestering gnats flying around. Not that the system should be swatted away but enough is enough already. Let’s go back for a moment shall we to another buzz phrase that I believe has affected this team’s cohesion and quite possibly the outlook of individual players…’youth movement’. Building around the talent of younger players seems like a smart idea (although not an original concept in sports) but publicly touting this plan thus stepping over the older players on the team to do so doesn’t seem smart at all. Way to potentially split the roster. At this point in the season if a guy came in at the age of 50 and could put the puck in the net or prevent the puck from going in the net, sign him up. While realizing I am a far distance from the inner workings of the Isles organization, I can only assert my reaction to this buzz phrase which seems intended to string along disillusioned ticket buying fans in an ‘I’ll pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today’ kind of way. Simply put… Islanders Organization : Sidney Crosby as Isles Veterans : Boris Valabik.

Even if a youth movement approach could be effective down the road no one can predict what will happen on ‘Tuesday’ so what about today? Oh yeah, the system.

sys-tem [sys-tuh m]

a) a coordinated body of methods or a scheme or plan of procedure; organizational scheme

b) one's psychological makeup, esp. with reference to desires or preoccupations

c) a condition of harmonious, orderly interaction. (1)

Although there are many definitions of the word system, these are the ones that I think best fit what I would like to see as a result of Coach Gordon's system, in a Pythagorean Theorem kind of way…however there can’t be too much order in ice hockey cause’ that wouldn’t make it the gritty sport that it is.

last but not least…

Sean Bergenheim please report to the on ice effort that you exuded at the beginning of the season.

Earth to Bill ‘Papa Bear’ Guerin…please come back down.

Blake Comeau please continue to report to the Islanders, not Bridgeport or as a spectator at the Coliseum.

All the Isles with ** next to your name on the roster – get well soon.

LET’S GO ISLANDERS!!! Fall 9 times, stand up 10.

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