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Monday, February 18, 2013

Flip the Script

This post brought to you at 4am by the feline wrestlemania at the end of my bed that woke me up between rescue kitties Biggie and Charlie.

Many Isles fans are high as kites right now. Shootout win over Rangers, John Tavares hat trick contribution to their win over Devils. And later today the Flyers come to the Barn. Imagine the potential euphoria WHEN the Isles win THESE specific games in a row. Local rival trifecta that we all could use right now.

The Flyers are snobby with the Isles. They skate in assuming they are going to win and the Isles can't seem to stand up to them. I've watched this pattern for years and I'm hoping it stops today. Flyers bait Isles, Isles take bait, lose their focus and that's that. It drives me batty. Enough already, their pattern isn't hard to skate beyond. Flyers don't respond well to being ignored, as if they lack a plan B. Flyers do have ability to come out of the lockeroom refreshed so Isles have to create deeper holes by end of each period to make it harder for Flyers to crawl out of. And not just by scoring, although that'll work too. Matt Martin will need to watch his back and every other side as well. I'm not sure exactly why but he's somehow going to be a target and I think if he can stay focused he might reverse that energy and score or play an important role today.

In other news...it appears Tavares can walk or in this case skate on water. Haha frozen water. Hey it's 4am...

Flip the script (on the Flyers). That's the mantra for this game.


Biggie won. Charlie accepted defeat by grooming himself like he just didn't get beat. Boys.

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