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Friday, August 13, 2010

No Pink in the Rink!

Earlier this week, Reebok debuted its latest "jersey" for women, the "Champagne" jersey, and inadvertently started a rebellion among its female fans.

A few days, an email campaign, a few dozen blog posts and a whole Facebook page later, female fans are voicing more and more that they have had it with the way the NHL markets its products to women.

Now, I'll be fair. However much I wish there weren't a market for pink, bedazzled, sparkly and girly jerseys, there is, for whatever reason. If there were more of a selection for female fans who prefer team colors, I wouldn't care quite as much, though I'd still be annoyed.


Look on shop.nhl.com and there is only one jersey in team colors- a home jersey. No away jersey. No player tees in women's sizes (have to be custom made through NHL Shop online, and anywhere else you'll have to buy a men's size). No team tees without curly script and girly colors. And plenty of Champagne jerseys to go around.


I'd appreciate it if we were given equal options to men in our apparel selections. We're every bit as important and serious as male fans are, and yet much of the time we're treated as though we are second-rate and not as "serious" as the boys, though many of us are dedicated, loyal and knowledgeable. And we're sick of the pink and the sparkles. No amount of (weak) defense from a representative for Reebok will change that.

At this time I'd like to direct you to a Facebook page a friend of mine, Rebecca (@TigerPredsChick) created, and she, Rachel (@RachelAddison), Jennifer (@predsaddict) and I administrate together, called "Female hockey fans who want REAL merchandise." We also have a Twitter account- @NoPinkInTheRink. We would appreciate it if you would join and pass it on if you're just as annoyed as we are about the way the league markets to us female fans.

Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Female-hockey-fans-who-want-REAL-merchandise/138893456150147?ref=ts

And if you need a moment to decide, consider this monstrosity.

The Islanders "Champagne" Jersey

Thanks. :)

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