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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Islanders vs. Flyers 2nd Period Intermission/Post-game Report

Let me get this out of the way - Hartnell swings like a girl.

So as Angie mentioned, this is the first game in years I have missed in Philly when the Isles play. Since the Isles seem unable to get over their inferiority complex with this team, maybe not being at the game will somehow magically spell out a win for the Isles, one that I am watching on my computer. Although I would have liked to see Martin Biron in net today, Dwayne Roloson may be the Isle we thank for shaking things up and firing up his team. Just seeing the change in the Isles physical game during the 2nd period gives me hope that this may be the game when the Isles FINALLY stand up to their playground bully. 



Ok so they stood up to the Flyers but didn't win. Seems the 2nd period vibe was left somewhere in the locker room and not brought out on ice for the 3rd. It was nice to see the Isles begin to unravel the Flyers - I've been waiting to see that for many many years. So it's back to the games in Philly and come to think of it - there is no place I'd rather be WHEN the Isles finally beat the Flyers in Philly but sitting amongst Flyers fans loudly sporting Orange, White & Blue.

Josh Bailey - Thanks for stepping up this season and not getting lost between #91 and #21. Keep carving out your spot.

Blake Comeau being scratched against this team again continues as an annoying mystery.  

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