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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2 Hours Until Isles @ Flyers

It's been a check the clock a lot day here in South Jersey. I'm taking my sister to the Isles game tonight for her birthday. She called me this morning  - "what time do you want to leave?""no later than 5:30 I guess""you have your hat?", "I bought a sweatshirt for you", "I'll probably wear either the hat or the sweatshirt","why wouldn't you wear both?","sometimes I don't like wearing a hat".

Alrighty then. Well wait, not yet...I drove home to NYC last night just to get my Islander hat - about 1 hr & 40 minutes each way. Ok now...

Alrighty then. 

This ain't no ordinary game - it's post John Stevens being fired game, it's Flyers getting spanked 8-2 game...it's so much more than those two things, so much more. Like the Eagles, the Flyers are uber desperate to win a championship, how dare those Phillies!  Boo hoo. Flyers made the playoffs last season, lost to a team that was better than them and the org's response to that was to pick apart a close knit team? (actually Upshall's teary exit was before the playoffs) a team their fan base was totally behind? I was at the game they lost the series to vs. Pens, Flyers fans actually clapped and cheered their team after the horn sounded, and meant it. Wowee. So a team that needed to step up a few levels to advance has been taken down a few pegs by its own management. More levels to climb now regardless of who the coach is. Hey don't get me wrong, this is all good news to me. The team needed a new "voice"? said the GM quite a few times a I recall. Wha? Should have hired Hillary Clinton who found her voice, I believe in New Hampshire. Wonder how long it took Upshall's rep to call Philly? 'Can Scottie with an 'ie' come home now?'

All I know is this is my kind of ice hockey - psychological drama drama drama. Yummy!! 

Ok so it's reported Brendan Witt got hit by SUV in Philly today - seems he's ok and will play tonight. Energetic translation? That was a warning.  Individually Mr. Witt might want to watch it with blocking shots tonight. Team-wise Islanders have two choices as I see it -

1. Stick with their game, slice through energy and get the hell out of Philly, Sage the bus.

2. Get sucked into Flyers drama, lose the game and potentially someone gets hurt.

and for whatever reason a 3rd scenario just came to mind

3. The mood will be mellow at the Wachovia...apathy in the air. Uneventful game, one team wins, one team loses and both teams move on.

Biron better be in net tonight. That would be good strateegery.

John Stevens being fired before Winter Classic. That has got to suckith bigtime.

The four police officers slain in Washington are being laid to rest today and the news breaks to an update on the condition of Tiger Wood's mother-in-law. Yay humans! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA! Go with the hat. I'll bring the Sage.  : )


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