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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dismissed as Coincidence? I(slanders) Think Not.

Last year I was walking in Thompson Square Park and saw an elder gentleman sitting on a bench wearing an Islander hat. Definitely should have gone over and investigated and now keep an eye out for him so I can find out if he has an Islander story to tell.

and den

In January I went to Wonderland Sports at the Sky Rink (Chelsea Piers) to buy a pair of ice hockey skates, noticed there were two Islander jerseys hanging up compared to one jersey of other teams...turns out the owner is a long-time Islander fan and also a most excellent guy who shared some stories about his time spent with Islanders of days passed, like Bryan Trottier. On a side note, for those of you who skate, ya gotta love heat molding.

and den

A few weeks ago I was at the Union Square Barnes and Noble and recognized the guy in front of me on line...again. It was a repeat of the time I recognized him at the Coliseum (rooting for the home team) about two or so years ago. We went to the same college way back when.

and den

A delivery guy who works at a restaurant around the block from me is often biking around deliveries wearing an Islander hat.

and den

Tonight my friend Molly and I were at dinner chatting about this and that, we asked the two guys sitting at the next table to confirm a word we were trying to think of (dowry) and turns out the guys Matt and I think Andrew was his name both grew up in Port Washington, now live in NYC and are Islander fans, Matt more so though a big Islander fan. Of course he and I debated the Isles draft choices, the Lighthouse, Charles Wang and so on...so Matt here's the post I said I would write as your invite to follow through with your intent to visit the blog and point out I'm wrong about what I'm right about. : )~ You will for sure find an ally in Angie who like you has Kyle Okposo on her favorite list and thinks John Tavares was the way to go in the draft.

and den and den and den and den

Having moved to NYC 10 years ago, I've seen more people from afar walking around Manhattan with Islander gear on and met more Islander fans living in NYC since starting this blog, than in the 8 years preceding. So whether you believe this kind of stuff is coincidence or happens for a reason, I would like to thank the blog gods for the in person confirmations that there are Islander fans living in what is all too often pointed out to me as Ranger country. Manhattan is an island therefore clearly the domain of the Islanders. On that note we'll also claim the other islands of NYC - Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Ranger fans can have the Bronx, not set upon an island and Yankees fans abound...GO METS!!


Dominik said...

This is awesome. Great read. No doubt more of these encounters are on the horizon.

RichardPark10 said...


Thanks for the shout out in the blog. It's always great meeting Islander fans outside our fan zone. There is a certain comraderie between us that doesnt exist with other sports. We Islander fans are like a cult, and if you are still standing after all we've been through, how can that bond not resonante? I will certianly stick around and check out your content, but I must go off topic in the next paragraph about our debate last night.

I can understand the Wang bashing - and it is certainly warranted. The DiPietro contract, the Neil Smith/Garth Snow debacle, the Yashin contract (although signed before the salary cap), etc. were all instututed by Wang. In fact, since he has owned the team, the highlight of his tenure is a penalty shot goal from a first round playoff series loss. I get that.

What I dont get and find difficult to accept is how someone is against the lighthouse project because they object to Wang's ownership? Being against that is basically saying you want the team to move. To suggest that someone else will buy this team and simply refurbrish the Coliseum is assinine. For better or worse we are stuck with Wang and him getting the lighthouse and the islanders staying isnt such a bad thing. It would help the franchise in so many areas. Without Wang there is no team right now, there is no comraderie when we see someone on the streets sporting our beloved logo. There is no blog.

Does Wang use the team as a pawn for his real estate project? Perhaps (although I think he has grown to love love the team over the years). But isnt our usary mutual? We cant expect him to lose $20 million every year but then complain when he doesnt sign the popular unrestricted free agents. I think its unfair to suggest that someone should buy the team and not see it as a business investment (and if not an investment that profits, at least something that has the potential to be profitable).

Again, I havent read your blog yet so maybe you address these things, but I just want to make my "theme" clear on how I feel. Wang isnt perfect, but hes our only hope.

RichardPark10 said...


Sorry if I didnt make myself clear but I am Matt from last night :-). I told you I would visit, and like all attorney's who are true to their word, here I am :-).

Also, sorry for the spelling mistakes. Ill learn eventually how to work spell checker with this thing.

As much as we debate about our favorite team, when this thing does turn around, and it will, we will all appreciate it so much more for enduring this. There will be bangwagoners, but we're the ones who will cherish it. Plus, without all the bad years, how would we fully appreciate the term "gutless puke" or "a village is being deprived of it idiot".