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Monday, May 4, 2009

Spotlight On Round 2

Western Conference:

Anaheim Ducks v. Detroit Red Wings (series tied 1-1)

Well, this is a very different series from the first round, is it not? The Red Wings came off of their sweep of the Columbus Blue Jackets to meet a Ducks squad that had themselves picked off the President's Trophy winners, the Sharks. The Sharks weren't exactly on their game; that's a given. But even so, that does not mean Anaheim couldn't put up a good fight.

And fighting they are. Two games in, this is looking like a much more even battle than Round 1- both games have been one-goal wins, the first by Detroit, the second (in triple OT!) by Anaheim yesterday. The goalies have been the difference- Chris Osgood looks as steady as ever despite earlier injury buzz, while young Jonas Hiller is quickly becoming every bit his match in goal for the Ducks. Also, Ryan Getzlaf is having a very, very good postseason, having extended his point total to 11 with his 3rd playoff goal yesterday. The Wings faltered just a bit yesterday, although they showed what they are capable of coming back from two deficits to even the score at 3 early in the third.

Nonetheless, I expect Detroit to be faced with a barrage in the form of some raucous Ducks fans when they play in Anaheim next. I'm sure many of you know my feelings about the Wings despite their obvious talent, but I can objectively say that this will be a hard-fought series. And as long as Getzlaf and Hiller, as well as the rest of the cast, keep playing like this, who knows? They might just pull off another series win against a top contender.

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