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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Round 1: Friday, April 24

New York 0 – Capitals 4

New York leads series 3-2
When I saw that Sean Avery was pulled from the line up, I opted to take my dogs to the park rather than watch the Rangers lose. John Tortorella’s decision should lead to his not returning as coach next season. Coaching style of subjective but leadership is not. There’s a concept in group process that you don’t sacrifice the group for the sake of an individual. Funny how one might think the ‘individual’ would be Avery. I wrote at the beginning of this series that a test to the Rangers would be at the first sign of adversity – never thinking that the ego to turn against his team would be the coach’s. Being right was more important to John Tortorella than keeping his team in tact and winning the game. If Avery is not in the line up for Sunday’s game, I’ll be asking my dogs where they want to go this time…I suspect Petco for some treats.

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