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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Off the Isles Scene Once More: A Belated Congrats!

Martin Brodeur recently became the winningest goaltender in NHL history, surpassing Patrick Roy in wins with 552 on St. Patrick's Day. I had meant earlier to post a blog mentioning this, but haven't gotten the chance to until now.

In all honesty, I am not the biggest fan of Brodeur. In past interviews and post-games against us, he has been somewhat condescending when speaking of the Islanders, and that I don't appreciate. However, there is no denying that this man is the best goaltender ever to lace up the pads in the NHL, or perhaps even the world. Look at his stats- there is no one currently playing that can even hope to come close to him anytime soon, not even Roberto Luongo, who could be debated as the second-best, and not even Henrik Lundqvist, who has thrice been nominated for the Vezina and twice lost to Brodeur. And if stats don't mean much to you, just look at his play- his calm presence in net, the dominance with which he owns his crease, his sheer athleticism, everything. And not to mention this is no spring chicken who has broken Roy's record- he's going on 37 years old. If that isn't an in-your-face to those who say youth=success in this new league, then perhaps nothing is.

So here's a belated congratulations to the Devils' goaltender, who has spent his entire career with this organization and will most likely remain in New Jersey until his very last game. He definitely deserves the accolades.

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