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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Last Stand

Here comes the final series of the season. The last stand, the final stretch for the Stanley Cup. It comes down to what should be a dynamic series between East and West- President's Trophy winners the Detroit Red Wings against a youthful, seemingly unstoppable Pittsburgh Penguins team. The Wings make up in speed and jump for what they lack in youth, and while their goaltender, Chris Osgood, hasn't been an overwhelming difference-maker, he hasn't had to be- the offense has been solid, and defensively is superb for Detroit. Their experience can take them all the way back to the Cup; however, after giving up two straight games to Dallas in their last series before clinching a berth in the Cup Finals, one has to wonder if fatigue may be setting in.

On the other end, the Penguins have barely faltered since the first round. They are 12-2 in the postseason, and they have been able to pick off the beaten Senators, the feisty Rangers, and the tough-as-nails Flyers, to get to the Finals. See what I'm getting at here? They're not ready to lie down and let Detroit (who may be the favorite over them) take the Cup from them, which will make this an entertaining Finals, and maybe the toughest one yet for either team.

My Prediction: Pens take the Cup in 7. They've got the edge in youth, and they may just want it more. Expect Detroit to put up a great fight, however.

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